Children Therapists and Family Services

Our Children’s Treatment and Outreach provide a wide range of services from children therapists to supportive family services. Each service is offered to give families the professional care that they need. Through effective counselling and programming, children and their families learn how to address problems and challenges faced from past or future experiences.

Childrens Outreach

Program Overview


Children 18 and under and their families.


By appointment.


We offer a wide range of services for children and their families such as counseling, comprehensive specialized care for children who have been sexually or physically abused, parenting skills, case management and co-occurring adolescent programming.

Additional Services

For children and their families to help address issues such as problems at school, learning challenges, aggressive behaviors, and adjustment to divorce. This service is ideal for families seeking brief support while overcoming the challenges of day-to-day life.

Compassionate, specialized care, including advocacy, counseling and assessment for children who are victims of sexual or severe physical abuse.

Case management services for children and families. Services include: Person centered planning implementation of the individual’s plan, including supporting their dreams, goals and desires for the future. Optimizing independence, promoting recovery and assisting in development of natural supports.

Services for adolescents with mental health and substance use disorders.

Evidenced based treatment for young children (2.5-7) with emotional and behavioral concerns. The protocol consists of two phases of treatment, the first phase focuses on building a strong, warm parent-child relationship. The second phase equips parents to manage challenging behaviors and set appropriate limits. Families graduate from PCIT once they have mastered both skill sets and rate their child’s behavior within normal limits on a behavior rating scale. Currently serving CMH Medicaid eligible clients.

Some services are available at no cost to families. For more information, or to book at appointment, please call (269) 343-1651.